Dig Cliff To Build Temple Underground House And Water Slide To Swimming Pool

Dig Cliff To Build Temple Underground House And Water Slide To Swimming Pool
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    he is weak, not homemade, the cement is the same as the stone

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    They used blueberries to make blue paint blueberries make purple paint if you’ve even had a stain with the wild variety it’s bullshit

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    This is so fake. Three guys can’t just sit there and dig for a few hours and have some “underground mansion” in the end. The cuts in the footage are also so suspicious. Stop trying to be some recycled, crappy version of Primitive Technology. It’s clear that you have seen how the legit youtube channel has gotten so many views for the stuff he puts out. You’re being a copy-cat. If you listen closeky you can hear construction vehicles in the background. This is terrible. The “communication” that they do sounds like sad dogs that are in distress.🤣

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    Hol up, how is the middle hole dug just as much as the others if he wasn't digging any

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    Look at how dirty the water got

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    can't believe the server is giving out creative mode for free

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    When you let the same 3 level 0ne builders finish the house in the idle game

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